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Deep Sigh Feb. 10th, 2005 @ 09:04 am
Last night I was having the right kind of dream about Lacie Chabert until my stupid alarm clock went off an hour before my normal time so I could get up and take a photo of people at work. None of which even come close to looking like Lacie Chabert.

Fun elitist quiz Nov. 12th, 2004 @ 04:57 pm
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Testing Ecto May. 13th, 2004 @ 11:15 am
Since honkeyhunter seems to think that ecto ate his blog, I thought I would give this a try. Lets see if it works.
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A precession of pain Dec. 22nd, 2003 @ 09:55 pm
So, my 8 days in a row are now over. Hurray. I have tomorrow off, and then go back for christmas eve. This last week has been a precession of pain. Every pain in the ass regular customer I have had in the last year made an appearance this week to make my life hell. It's been like all the past years frustrations condensed into one week. It has been a lot of fun. Soon vacation will be mine.
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How not to Write a letter to a CEO Dec. 22nd, 2003 @ 12:19 am
So this fellow has had a problem with his iBook, and decided to put up a web page complaining about how he feels he has been mistreated by Apple. He's trying to organize a class action lawsuit over the issue.

From what I can gather, he sent his computer in for what he felt was a common problem on the ibook, and was told they would not fix it under warranty because it was damaged. I can only assume that they felt he had damaged it because he doesn't elaborate on why they really wouldn't fix it. His own page has numerous links to others who have had the same core issue as him, but who all had their logic boards replaced under warranty. I think what he's really torqued about is the fact they wouldn't fix it for whatever reason, and it trying to drive in the screws over an accompanying failure. I say, hey, knock yourself out. What I found of issue was his pissy letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

I understand that often times you cannot get your issues resolved until you get to someone who will take you seriously and not dump a canned script on you. But if you're going to write a letter to someone who is in the top 100 richest men in America, perhaps you should take the time to write out a letter that is well put together and reasonable instead of snide and self-pitying. Here are some instructions on how to not write a letter to one of the most powerful men in America:

1. Don't tell him what your problem is:
My iBook died after only 6 months of careful use. As it turns out my logic board failed...but you probably already knew that.
Steve has nothing better to do than track every issue with every machine that Apple makes. He is no doubt intimately familiar with your case in particular, and you shouldn't give him any introduction to your problem or any information about the actual failures you were seeing.

2. Waste his time telling him about your support calls, but be sure to not to tell him the whole story:
Spend 2 paragraphs rambling about your experience, stating that his support staff said that they would not replace your logic board under warranty, but don't tell him their justification. Did they tell you that you had damaged it, or had broken a port, or that there was some other extenuating circumstance that you feel is not accurate? If so, make sure you don't include it. That information wouldn't be helpful to anyone. Tell him you demanded internal documentation of the repair, and that the support rep hurt your feelings when she laughed at your request.

3. Make sure he knows you're angry:
I am furious over this lack of consideration and professionalism. I am furious that I owned this iBook® only 6 month before it broke due to a foreseeable, thus preventable problem. And I am furious that you won't honor your warranty and replace this defective equipment.
Thankfully, only about 1 in a million people who depend on their computers for doing their work get distressed in any way when those computers fail. If you are that one in a million, make sure that you convey that in the strongest possible terms. You are a Unique and Beautiful Snowflake. Demand to be treated as such. Make sure to tell him that you're positive this problem could have been avoided, but make sure once again to not tell him what the actual problem is.

4. Accuse him in an obtuse way of shady business practices:
Is it cheaper just to fix them one at a time rather than to announce a recall on the entire iBook line? Is it that an official equipment recall would cause a public relations black-eye for Apple®? Or maybe, just maybe, if people got wind of the fact that these laptops are a problem, no one would buy them, and it would affect your bottom line...then you'd have to explain yourself to your shareholders instead of just to me.
Insulting people's integrity is usually a fast track to their good side. I would also recommend some name calling and mother jokes. Your penetrating business insight has uncovered the conspiracies of these ner-do-wells, and you need to let them know that someone is keeping an eye on them.

5. Don't let him help
I don't know the answers to these questions. I don't want to know.
You've lost a good customer. It's a shame, really.

Be careful not to offer him any solutions you would think would settle the issue. Don't ask for anyone to contact you or for him to please look into it. Just piss and moan and show him your ass while telling that he doesn't know what he's going to miss in the future. You're undoubtedly a valuable customer who they would be insane to loose, but you shouldn't have to tell them why. You're too good for them anyway. Make it clear that you're just writing this as a Dear Steve letter, and there's nothing he can do to win back your love.

Maybe we can get those ipod Neistat brothers involved in all this.
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Other entries
» Well shit
Well it turns out that the job was filled before it was actually posted to let everyone know. This is not how these jobs are supposed to be offered. I'm going to raise an unholy stink about this.

In the meantime though, I got a raise at work which is a good thing. It has been 2 years now, and my company finally backed off the wage freezes. It was a pittance, but better than many others got, so I'm glad for that.

Fixing MP3 tags while listening to the new Sarah McLachlan. Sarah and I have a long history going back to high school, but I haven't listened to her in a long time. The new album harkens back to Fumbling, which I liked immensely. That album is the only music I have EVER been able to fall asleep to. That's a good thing.

You are all lazy bitches and do not update.
» More More More
So I got a call from a recruiter yesterday for a job that I am looking at. It would be a big promotion if I got it, and I'm very stoked. It's too bad that the worst ass-monkey in my fruitstand answered the phone and didn't give me the message until almost closing time. I called back and the recruiter had left for the day. I'm hoping to get a hold of her today. I'm probably one of the best qualified people in my company to do it, so here's hoping for upward mobility.

My Girlfriend rocks. She has crossed Shakes the Clown off my gift list. I love that movie. Nothing like watching 5 clowns sniffing coke in a back room of a clown bar. She also rocks for other reasons of which only she knows and which I am also really stoked about. I hope she will continue to rock in this area.

My buddy Doug stopped by on saturday night to hang out and brought the new 19 year old girlfriend. She is probably about the coolest girl he has ever dated, and is the only one who has not fawned over him incessantly. It's really funny hearing him talk about his long term plans and how most of them involve following her around while she completes her schooling and tries to find a job. He hates phoenix, but is talking about living here with her because that's what she wants. I still firmly believe in the rule: Don't move for the girl. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Well, time to head to work
» Christmas bitches!
Okay kids you asked for it.. here's the list:

Oakley Boots
Shakes the Clown
Any Sopranos DVD season
Coupling, know it. Love it.
The Flying Circus

I figure that should do it for now. I guess you should all posts your lists as well. Then we could all do a kind of secret santa thing or something.
» I love technology
So, last night Doug and I got our drink on, and played a little Halo on the Xbox. Then we figured we would try and get a system link game going with our buddy Brody down in Tucson. After a little bit of screwing around with firewalls and whatnot, we got the game up, and started playing some deathmatch action. Then i think doug got the bright idea of getting iChatAV into the mix so that we could get an audio chat going. I pulled out the laptop, plugged the headphone out into the stereo, and we had a speakerphone setup going wirelessly. We had way too much fun and ended up playing until 4 am. I did not get enough sleep.
So today on the way to work, I had my windows down and was stopped at a light. I was listening to my music and I heard a cat call whistle from my left. When I looked over I saw a truck door and I followed it up to a window which had a college age hispanic girl leering at me with a lecherous smile on her face. I lifted an eyebrow, looked ahead again and waited for the light to change. To tell the truth I was kind of shocked. I haven't been whistled at since high school. While I sometime catch women taking sly glances at me, it's pretty rare that I full on get hit on. It was pretty interesting.
So tomorrow marks day 7 of my run of work days, and I will be working alone for 9 hours. I'm already pretty on edge from these last 6 days, so tomorrow should be pretty interesting. We are still short on people, and it's been hard getting my work done. We're going into the holidays and I'm not looking forward to it.
Halloween was not very interesting for me. I went out with honkeyhunter to the usual joint for some pre-party drinking. After about 45 minutes, he got caught up with miscellaneous distractions and I got bored. I hung out for a little bit longer, then I decided I would be having more fun at home chilling out. So I bailed. I am a very boring person, what can I say?
» AssMonkeys
So, I don't know what brought it on, but it seems that people in Phoenix have developed an obscene deathwish. Last month I noticed that the number of drunk/belligerent asshats who were randomly just walking into traffic, almost getting hit and holding up traffic was on the rise. I'm not talking about people just running across the road at an opportune moment. I'm talking about people who walk, at a deliberately slow pace (i.e. slower than you would normally walk) across busy streets at busy times of day. In my last 3 years here, I have had only had 2 people actually do this to me. In the last month, I've probably had five. Today alone 2 people did it. The guy wasn't a huge deal, I just had to slow down to avoid hitting him. The woman who did it about 5 minutes later actually brought me to a complete stop in the middle of the road. I honked at her to express my concern for her obviously delirious condition, to which she responded with the customary finger. On top of this, she was pregnant. Had I not noticed the car to the left of me at a complete stop for seemingly no reason, I probably would have hit her, or had to swerve in order to avoid her and probably caused an accident.

I don't understand why these people do this other than having a death wish, or some obscene desire to defy death. But to tell the truth, if I had hit that lady today, I don't think I would have felt too bad about it. She was obviously drunk (this is a pregnant woman remember) at 2pm in the afternoon, and had already brought another person to a complete stop crossing their lane. If people want to tempt fate and death, I'm not going to feel bad about being the agent of fate/death's ministrations.

This brings me to something I was thinking about today which is: I shouldn't break one of my cardinal rules. That rule is: Don't leave the house on your days off. I went out to do some photography and the insane state of the freeway quickly had me pretty fucking pissed off. I know it's bad in every big city, and a number of small ones, but it sure seems like Phoenix is getting worse. The amount of insanely fast, dangerous driving going on today was really shocking for me. People literally coming within a few feet of people's bumpers while changing lanes doing 90mph is not a good way to avoid trouble. I normally drive pretty fast, but I do not tailgate, or cut people off. I always signal when changing lanes and try to give people plenty of notice about what I am doing. None of this was happening with other drivers today. I got cut off a couple of times today for no reason at all as people weaved in and out of traffic at crazy speeds, slowing down by slamming on their breaks when they needed to, then riding the ass of the people in front of them until they could squeak into the next lane. Then there were the oldies. Don't get me started on the oldies. Holy christ in heaven.
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